Statement Issued by Southern California Gas Company

From Dennis Arriola – CEO of Gas Company – Regarding Emergency

Dateline:  Porter Ranch

Dennis Arriola, CEO of Gas Company
Dennis Arriola, CEO of Gas Company

“SoCalGas has been communicating with the Governor’s Office and other state agencies from the outset and appreciate their continued support as we work as quickly and safely as possible to stop the leak.

“Our focus remains on quickly and safely stopping the leak and minimizing the impact to our neighbors in Porter Ranch. SoCalGas reaffirms our prior commitment to mitigate the environmental impact of the actual amount of natural gas released from the leak.  We look forward to working with state officials to develop a framework that will achieve this goal.”

Gas Company Offering Free Air Filters

Air Filtration & Air Purification: To help with the odor problem, SoCalGas is offering air purification and weatherization services at no cost to residents in the Porter Ranch Community. The air purification units provided by SoCalGas incorporate activated carbon/charcoal filters to remove the natural gas odorant from your home and are certified by the California Air Resources Board (ARB). ARB has provided a website specifically for the Aliso Canyon event where residents can review the technologies and models available for air purification. Residents may choose either of the following:

  • Plug-In Portable Air Purifiers.  SoCalGas will provide ARB-Certified plug-in portable air cleaners that incorporate activated carbon/charcoal filters to remove the natural gas odorant from your home.  If you wish to purchase a certified California Air Resources Board (ARB) certified system separately, SoCalGas will fully reimburse you, but we ask that you please email SoCalGas at for preapproval.
  • In-Duct Air Purification.  SoCalGas’ licensed Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor will provide whole-house air purification by replacing the standard air filter(s) in your HVAC system with a specially designed activated carbon filter that can remove the compounds found in natural gas and its odorant from the air in your home. In addition, the HVAC contractor will install a non-ozone generating air scrubber(s) in the HVAC plenum.

For more information, to schedule installation or delivery of Air Filtration and Air Purification, or to schedule weatherization services, please call the SoCalGas Aliso Canyon hotline at 818-435-7707 or email us at

For further information regarding technical specifications of air purifiers, you can email ARB or call ARB at 916-445-0753.

Free Relocation Service

Temporary Relocation: For residents in the Porter Ranch community who wish to relocate, we are providing free, temporary housing accommodations, including locations that can accommodate residents with disabilities and people with access and functional needs. And for residents with pets, we have arranged pet-friendly locations. For more information, please call us at 877-238-9555 and indicate that you are a SoCalGas customer calling about an Aliso Canyon claim.

For those residents who have been temporarily relocated, you can download a reimbursement package.

For residents temporarily located, and staying with friends or family, please download the following information package.

General Claims: If you feel you have suffered harm or injury as a result of this incident, please complete thisonline form or call us at 213-244-5151  and one of our claims processors will help you.

As we have since this incident began, SoCalGas stands willing and ready to cooperate with the Governor’s office, all state and local officials, and regulatory agencies.

Posted from the Gas Company website as a public service by Uncle Paulie.  See our in-depth Documentary Series Poisoned Paradise (at the top menu bar) which documents previous gas blow outs in the Los Angeles area.  Also click on “Oil & Gas” in Categories to view other relevant stories including the big gas blow out in Playa del Rey.