Youtube Rampage of Censorship

Youtube Hires 10,000 Censors To Purge Alternative News Channels

Google/youtube has hired an army of “invisible” censors to purge information and videos that are at odds with the elite establishment and the military-industrial complex.  This army of 10,000 purge agents is also in the process of training robotic Artificial Intelligence software programs so that the censorship can be multiplied by a factor of four or more.

This has come in a period when Americans are watching more and more videos, rather than reading  news reports.   Video has become a powerful tool to expose war crimes, political dirty tricks, fraud, and government misconduct.  The explosion of video and the internet has led to many diverse folks to start their own channels because they are fed-up with the so-called mainstream news setting the agenda and ignoring important issues.

This censorship benefits only the current elite and the  huge military-industrial-pharma complex, who are losing their ability to propagandize and pull the wool over the eyes of the average American.  The government has lied to the American people for years about many things, foreign wars being one the biggest and continuous lies.  Alternative news channels have sprung up to show videos and first hand reports of the slaughter of innocent civilians around the world by these military operations.  These videos are now being taken down from youtube.  The government does not want you to see the horrific damage in countries like Syria and Yemen.  Seeing human rights violations and the killing of thousands of innocent women and children is something the neo-con war boys do not want you to see.

This massive purge of truth crosses to all areas of the political spectrum, from progressive and anti-war sites to Ron Paul Libertarian videos, to independent investigators to alt-right.  Here is a snip from the website of the World Socialist Website, for instance:

YouTube began removing photographic and video documentation of war crimes in Syria in August, terminating some 180 accounts and removing countless videos from other channels, including footage uploaded by Airwars of coalition air raids that have killed civilians, according to Hadi al-Khatib, the founder of Syrian Archive. YouTube later stated that it would work to “quickly reinstate” any videos and channels that it “removed mistakenly.”

In November, YouTube removed over 51,000 videos concerning Anwar al-Awlaki, the Yemeni-American imam who was assassinated via missile raid by the Obama administration on September 30, 2011. Awlaki was never charged with, let alone convicted of any crime. The mass removal was praised by the New York Times, one of the largest mouthpieces of the American ruling elite, as a “watershed moment.”

Click here to read the entire article on the World Socialist Web Site.

The Goal of the Purge is to Eliminate Both the Progressive Left and the Alt Right From The Political  Landscape

Embed from Getty Images

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of youtube, and the leader of the secret 10,000 censors, is shown in the above photo at the elitist World Economic Forum.  This secretive group of elites hate being exposed for their attempted control of the world and its resources.  Did Wojcicki get her marching orders from the WEF?

The Political Purge was started in the late summer of last year.  We know that tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands off videos have been purged and banned.  We know that hundreds of youtube channels are gone, wiped out overnight without a trace.  We know that de-monitization of videos on many sites has caused great financial  distress to youtube creators who are working full-time on their projects.  In addition, since last August, a sinister youtube program run by AI software has placed untold thousands of videos in a Video Stasis, or “Limited State”.  These videos are not searched by google, are removed from the youtube owners playlist, and are placed in a “Stasis”  somewhere on the web where nobody can possibly find them.  This operation sounds like some strange science fiction story.  It is so insane that it is unimaginable, but shows the lengths that these authoritarian elites will go to shut down any truth.

It is imperative that folks protest this outrage.  It is time for the U.S. Government to seize google entirely as a monopoly.  Youtube should be separated and run as a government sponsored social media platform, dedicated to all free speech.

Milo Breaks the Barrier at Berkeley With Surprise Attack

Milo Crashes the Berkeley Boycott -Communists and Antifa Go Mad With Baby Chanting

Watch the video:

Watch as morons chant about the KKK.  A sad moment for these folks, who can’t tell the difference between a libertarian like Milo, and the phantom “Klansmen”, who only exist in the dark, scary fantasy of their own minds, certainly not anyone seen around Berkeley.  The other mantra, calling everyone who is not a communist or antifa dressed in a black ninja gangster outfit with their faces covered, a “fascist”, also shows the shallow political knowledge of the protesters.  The libertarians, as represented by Milo in this case, are probably the political faction that is most opposed to “fascism” and it’s philosophy.

The video shows the chanting collectivist goof-balls displaying their pathetic political wares for the world to see.  Milo invited one of them to have a conversation with him, but only chants came forth, like a berserk energizer bunny.

Around the world people love to have a chance to debate political and social issues, at least in countries where they are allowed to have free speech.  In America, sadly, the intellect of the left has plateaued at baby chanting.  And the bastions of free speech, the universities of “higher learning”, cannot make the effort to encourage and protect free speech, the basis for American politics and culture.  Dark days for all loom ahead. Including for the baby chanters.


The Berkeley Police Hot Dog Vendor Milo Yiannopoulos Riot Revenge

Berkeley Cops Hid Like Cowards From Antifa Thugs But Now They’re Back Kickin’ Butt on Mexican Hot Dog Vendors

Chief Bennett a no-show defending free speech

On February 2nd the headlines screamed that 150 Antifa thugs and 100’s of students had caused over $100,000 damage to the campus to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking.  So where were all the brave Berkeley cops when this was going on?  The Donut Shop?  Starbucks?  The Chief, Margo Bennett was nowhere to be seen defending Milo’s free speech from a gang of rampaging rioters.

Berkeley cop removing money from Hot Dog vendor’s wallet

Fast forward to September, 2017.  Berkeley cops accost a hot dog vendor, a poor slob trying to make a couple bucks.  No permit to sell dogs, so they give him a ticket, AND TAKE ALL THE MONEY OUT OF HIS WALLET! What Proof does the cop have of where the money came from?  None.  But where were these cops when Milo needed help?  Maybe harassing other hot dog vendors.  Hey, it’s safer than confronting real criminals doing over $100,000 damage to the campus.

No Justice for Milo or Hot Dog Vendors in Berkeley.

Click Here To Watch the Video

Where’s The Berkeley Cops in this Video?

Is KPFK Sliding Into The “Freedom Slips” Business Model?

Dateline:  Los Angeles

Successful Southern Internet Radio Station Lights The Road To KPFK’s Next Destination

Part 1

by Ed Murray

Mike "NnightHawkk" Ringley
Mike “NniteHawkk” Ringley

What’s apparent in the current struggle at KPFK and Pacifica, is that the new regime of “revolutionaries” is intent on pushing the entire network into a murky, unknown area of operation. The model of listener-supported by voluntary contributions, which replaced traditional radio station advertising, could be going down the drain.  Recent mis-management at the network, causing a huge financial loss, has led to almost endless fund drives, causing cursing listeners to find solace somewhere else on the dial.  There’s a lot of other problems, of course, but lets kick those aside into the cardboard box to go through at a later time with a six-pack of Corona, when retrospection will be like therapy.  Make that 2 six packs.

Because It could be, that purely by accident, Pacifica is  headed toward a new paradigm of radio station operations, one that has already been pioneered by a good ole southern boy musician turned internet entrepreneur who is causing a storm of attention across the land. Since Pacifica’s yellow brick road has now ended about a mile into the bog of the doomed, one could ask “if KPFK broadcasts a program at 9pm on a weeknight and no one is listening, has it really happened?”  I can’t tell you the answer to that, because I was never good at deep phisics, but it is a slim possibility.

The Nnitehawkk Lands in Louisville

First, let’s make one thing clear:  we have no idea why Mr. Ringley has 2 “N”s and 2 “K”s in “Nnitehawkk”.  One guess is that  someone else was using the name “Nitehawk”.  One researcher told me that George Noory used to call himself The Nighthawk.  Anyway, Mike “Nnitehawkk” Ringley studied music at UC Berkeley.  After graduation, he did a bunch of stuff, we don’t know what, but then settled in Louisville, Kentucky, where he bought an attractive home where he resides with his wife, Elizabeth and their children.  It was there that he set up what would become his radio empire, the subject of the present comparison with the failing KPFK business model. It’s called Revolution Radio, and the website is  A facebook video of the radio station shows a room full of computers,  monitors and audio equipment, in what could possibly be the basement of his large 2 story home.  The house in neatly kept, and has ample grounds to have fundraisers, grow vegetables, and enjoy the nice southern atmosphere.  More on this a little later.

(The entire workforce at Freedom Slips/ Revolution Radio) ” are not paid for their efforts – nor do they expect to be.”

So let’s begin by taking a look at KPFK’s current financial situation.  Things are bad, like really bad.  The new General Manager, Leslie Radford, has cut staff salaries by 50%, triggering charges that she is “union busting”, and forcing the union to take KPFK into arbitration, which has happened.
On the other hand, the first thing I noticed on the masthead that lists the staff and crew who run the Revolution Radio station, is the statement that nobody is paid, “nor do they expect to be.”  The full statement is:  “Be sure to give them a shout out when you see them around – they are not paid for their efforts – nor do they expect to be. They do this for your benefit as much as their own.”  Mr. Ringley has found the cornerstone of the new economics of running a radio station.  Free Labor!  No half measures like the General Manager of KPFK, Leslie Radford has done by cutting the wages of the staff 50%.  The Nnitehawkk got it right from the get-go.  Under this model, I would suggest the KPFK public follow the advice that the Nnitehawkk gives to his listeners:  next time you see Ian Masters around KPFK, give the old guy a shout out, even if he is still getting half his salary.

And before anyone gets all gushy about not being paid, flip the coin over.  The staff and programmers in Louisville are gaining valuable experience.  This would be useful  in the future if they come to the big city and want to get a high paying job in the radio business, you know, at a real radio station, like KPFK.  In the big city everyone’s gotta eat. And if there’s no union, then management can never be smeared as union busters and austerity thugs.  Let’s face it, austerity is OK for those who don’t have to have it.

Work in Kind

At a recent KPFK LSB meeting someone broached the subject of “work in kind” as a way of saving money.  Now the weird thing is that when you look over the entire KPFK situation, the biggest mistake that management made in the past was not filing the audit reports and financial data so they could get their grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  According to some of the LSB members, this amounts now to a staggering 2 million dollars or more.  It is beyond belief, really, that this happened, because with that gigantic mountain of cash, there would be no financial crises at Pacifica.  Everyone would be getting full salary.  So it is almost a joke to hear some of the schemes put up to close the black hole of debt. Like such pettiness as “work in kind.”  But there is some merit to the thought.

Work in Kind
Work in Kind

Back in Louisville, Mr. Ringley has had to face these kinds of situations.  He is not afraid to pitch in and get his hands dirty, get some friends, and do something.  One of the projects that he completed is shown on his facebook page.  He wanted to put in a nice patio, and he did.  What do all the big shots at KPFK do?  Many listeners and supporters are bringing in food, helping out, going to demonstrations, passing out KPFK flyers, manning tables.  But what about the chiefs?  The GM, or any of the higher ups?  Where’s the patio that they built?  A cute patio in the parking lot under the trees would be really nice.  I predict it would be a popular gathering place.  It would also give the staff a chance to put out some tip cups and some signs for the passerby to see.  Instead of all the constant annoying fund drives, visitors to the station could drop by and leave a buck or two for their favorite programmer. Maybe even bring the poor sods a pizza once in a while.

KPFK Programming Is Fading Into Absolute Bordom

Now we come to the issue of programming.  This is a hot-button topic at KPFK.  There has been a titanic battle at KPFK over the years.  Once the flagship of progressive thought and politics, the station is sadly fading into absolute boredom.  It’s so bad that the fund drive programming is becoming more popular than any of the current shows.  One wag suggested that the station should go on a 24/7 fund drive the whole year.  A contest would be held as to who could bring in the most money in an hour.  The winner would get a big cash prize, like $10,000 in gold.  The rules would allow the program hosts to do almost anything to win and thereby enrich the station.  Any product in the world could be used as a premium.  Any tactic would be fair – crying, screaming, begging, sniveling.  The hosts should be allowed to bring in hired guns, the pros from Home Shopping networks, or local Carnivals and State Fairs.  These folks know how to pitch things big time. They know how to go for the gold.

End of Part 1







A Poem By J. Webster

Dateline: Afghanistan

predator-firing-missile4Drones kill them, drones kill us.

What’s the worry, what’s the fuss.

Drones kill you, drones kill me.

We’re all not free, till no drones can you see.


Children look at bombs from the sky

Oops! They’re dead, oh me, oh my….

Is it worth it…to get bad guys?

I’d say not, when you see the children’s eyes.


Afraid to look, at the crack of dawn.

A town was once here, but now it’s gone.

So much destruction from afar

Half of a house, the remains of a car.


Why are they killing us? What do they care

About our daily life. How can they dare…

To know what we think, what we feel in our hearts.

Presuming we’re bad, are they lacking in smarts.


Stupid, uncaring, fearful and mean

Or perhaps they’ve been sheltered

And just haven’t seen.


Or they listen to Fox, instead of real news.

No consciousness at all, no sign of the blues.

In schools they don’t learn what’s wrong from what’s right.

We allow our kids to play war games and fight.


It’s strange…yes…insane…

that we don’t feel their pain.

We kill them for greed and for our own gain.


But suppose we’re the victims, bombs dropping on us?

What would we do when they turn us to dust?

Would we be strong, would we play fair?

How would WE hide from drones in OUR air?


But wait I forgot….WE don’t really care!








“Mr. X” on the Playa Vista Gas Explosion

Dateline: Playa Vista

Inside Scoop on the Recent Gas Explosion at Playa Vista Bluffs

Latest Information on this Disaster!

Claims Thousands of People Possibly Poisoned By Toxic Gas and Will Suffer Permanent Brain Damage

On Sunday January 6, 2013, something went terribly wrong at the Southern California Gas Company’s Plant below the bluffs of Playa del Rey. This is the unlicensed plant that compresses gas into a huge underground cavern under tremendous pressure. A huge fireball shot into the sky, over 100 feet, and burned for about an hour. Meanwhile an unknown amount of gas spread over the area for miles, forcing some people to evacuate their homes. Our whistle-blower, “Mr. X” lays out what is known at the present time about this massive blow-out that is being downplayed by the rest of the media. Get the real story here at Southland News Bureau.

“Mr. X” says that if the released gas contained Hydrogen Sulphide, then possibly thousands of people will suffer permanent brain damage.  According to the CDC in a U.S. Government document, ( even a brief exposure to high concentrations (greater that 500ppm) can cause a loss of consciousness and possible death.  Environmental groups are calling for more oversight of the Gas Plant, some are even asking that the Plant be closed down because gas is always leaking from the underground caverns.  This is occurring because hundreds of old oil wells in the area have most likely punctured the geologic formation and are allowing the gas to continuously seep out.  Watch the series “Poisoned Paradise” for more information on this subject.

Playa Vista Gas Plant Explosion

Dateline: Playa del Rey

The Southern California Gas Company Plant That Compresses Gas Into the Underground Caverns Storage Suffers an Explosion.

Flames Shoot 100 Feet into the Air

Explosion Rocks Playa Vista – Gas Spreads for Miles Around

The Southern California Gas Company, in one of their most spectacular spins of all time, claimed that the disastrous explosion and possible valve failure that spread gas across the south bay was an “unplanned” release of gas.  Using this spin/propaganda word so the public will associate the word “unplanned” with “unscheduled”, a simple mistake to “burn off” unwanted gas, the Gas Company has now reached the propaganda pinnacle of Nazi Spin Docktor Herr Joseph Goebbels, who tried to convince the German people that Adolf Hitler was just a choirboy.  The question of what exactly is an “unplanned release” should be answered in a rational world.  When your family is all sitting around the dining room table having Thanksgiving dinner and old grandma lets rip a loud fart, it would be polite to call that an “unplanned release of noxious gas”. The event of last Sunday was nothing more than a major blow out, spewing poisonous and dangerous gas for miles around.  It is a miracle that the gas did not ignite in a bigger way and blow the entire plant into a million pieces.  Here’s some photos and videos of the plant and the event, as we know it at this moment.  Shame on the Gas Company for trying to hide behind spin instead of telling the truth.

NBC Playa Vista Expose’ Disappears From Net

Dateline Playa Vista

The Award Winning Report on the Gas and Cancer-Causing Health Hazards of Playa Vista Has Disappeared From the KNBC Website Completely.

Does Anyone Have A Copy?

Back in 2005 KNBC aired part 1 of a series on the gas and cancer-causing health problems at Playa Vista, called “Burning Questions”.  This was a long report for a local station, something like 9 minutes.  Some wags say that 9 minutes challenges the attention span of the average viewer, who can’t focus on anything more than 30 seconds.  This series of 3 reports and 2 updates won the Peabody Award for excellence in television broadcasting.  If you don’t know what the Peabody Award is, here’s the Wikipedia definition:

The George Foster Peabody Awards (Peabody Awards) recognizes distinguished and meritorious public service by radio and television stations, networks, producing organizations and individuals.

Part 1, the main report has disappeared from the KNBC website.  We couldn’t find it on the net, even the great Grassroots Coalition links from their website are broken.  In addition, the video from the 2 follow-up updates are also gone, although the transcripts are still there.

So here is another burning question:  Why doesn’t KNBC keep their video on the net for this great report?  One thought is that they are “out of room on their website”.   If that is the case, why not delete some fluff, which they have plenty of these days, and keep the Peabody Award report on forever, especially now when the Playa Vista story is heating up again?  In fact, the Playa Vista story is literally exploding, the gas flames shooting up 100 feet or more in the air and sending gas fumes out for miles, scaring residents of the area.  Southland News Bureau is posting the video of Part 2 and Part 3 of the KNBC reports and is looking for a video clip of Part 1.  Meanwhile, follow our own Southland News special reports on Playa Vista and other Los Angeles Oil and Gas hot spots.


Links to the NBC Stories on Burning Questions

Part 1 Aired May 25, 2005 Video Removed from KNBC site.

Part 2  Available here on Southland News.

Part 3 Available here on Southland News.

Burning Questions Update July 28, 2006 video, only text)

Burning Questions Followup October 27, 2005 video, only text)