The Road To Hell: From India to Las Vegas

The Road To Hell – Las Vegas Shooter – Was He Involved in an International Drug Smuggling Ring?

From India to the Philippenes – Ketamine Wreaking Havoc.

Possibly The Big Break: The Outstanding Work Of Jake Morphonios of The End Times (youtube) Who Spotted Paddock’s Name as a Co-Owner of an SUV with a Nevada Big Shot and Pharmacy Owner Adam Paul Katschke. This Was So Weird It Deserves Attention.

From The Cabin Chiang Mai Website:

Ketamine belongs to a class of drugs known as ‘dissociative anesthetics’ which aim at separating perception from sensation. Other drugs that can be classed in this category are PCP, DXM, and nitrous oxide.

The drug was originally created for use as a human anesthetic and is still used as a general anesthetic in children and people with poor health. It is also commonly used in veterinary medicine, especially on horses.

Other common names for Ketamine include ‘Special K’ or ‘K’. It typically comes in a liquid form and then is cooked into a white powder which is then snorted

The effects of Ketamine include numbness, mild hallucinations, and a dream like state. Many users will experience the ‘K-Hole’. This can be described as like a near death experience with sensations of rising above and out of one’s body. This can be extremely frightening for some, while others feel it is spiritually enlightening.


A person can overdose on the drug, requiring immediate medical attention. It is extremely dangerous when Ketamine is mixed with downers; such as, alcohol or Valium. Frequent use can lead to disruptions in consciousness and can lead to mental disorders; such as, neuroses. Ketamine is extremely addictive and wrecks havoc on the addict’s life and those who are in it. An addict will also go through withdrawal when quitting.

The Philippines was once known for its heavy use of methamphetamine or ‘Shabu’. However, with heavy crackdowns on meth and stricter laws, people are now turning to Ketamine. Experts suggest that the drug has dramatically increased in popularity because it is not classified as a dangerous drug; meaning it is not illegal. A large of amount of Ketamine powder is smuggled into the Philippines from India each year. Although, many smugglers import Ketamine hydrochloride, usually from India, and cook the liquid into powder once it has arrived in the country. Because Ketamine is relatively new to the Philippines, there is not much information available, but Officials say it is a cause for concern and there needs to be more research.

Questions That Demand Answers From Law Enforcement

The Medicine Man

Ketamine is Legal in the Philippenes – Mary Lou Danley’s Brother Reynaldo Bustos is a “Medicine Man” and Operates What Looks Like a Small Pharmacy Type Business.

Q: You Might Think That Mary Lou Danley “hit on” Paddock. But what if Paddock targeted her and found out about her brother? A Good Connection?

Q: Was Ketamine Powder Shipped From the Philippenes to Reno? Or to Canada? Any connection to Paddock transport? Was Any Shipped to Any of Paddock’s Many Houses?

The Busy Dr. Adam Katschke

Pharmacist Katschke, also County Commissioner, also Bank Director

Katschke was a Director of Nevada Bank & Trust

He was also a County Commissioner in Lincoln County, Nevada.

Q: Ketamine From Paddock to Adam Katschke at Meadow Valley Pharmacy?  A question, not a statement.  Where did Katschke get his supply of Ketamine?  Law Enforcement Should Supply Answer to This.

Katschke Owned Another Pharmacy Pahranagat Valley Pharmacy. Both Now Out of Business Because of His Arrest and Conviction.

Paddock and Dr. Katschke Share SUV – both on title. Later Transfer to Angela Walker, Pharma Tech at Meadow Valley Pharmacy. This is the link between Paddock and Katschke.  Maybe they just bought the SUV together to go sight-seeing or grocery shopping.  What was Paddock’s relationship to Katschke?

Dr. Katschke Put Ketamine Into Pain Killer Creme.

Katschke Bills Medicaid and Insurance Companies in fraudulent manner. Tells Medicaid also that he is selling Ketamine pills. Forging Perscriptions, even using name of His Brother, an M.D. And Three Other Doctors, And using Their DEA Numbers Without Consent. Also Giving Out Free Samples of Pain Cream, Against the Law.

Super Sales Lady Angela Walker

Dr. Katschke and his Pharmacy Tech Angela Walker Get Caught. Katschke Had Paid Walker Over $200,000 Salary and Commissions in Just One Year. Her Commission Rate 3% (100,000) Meaning The Gross Sales Might Have Been Over Four Million Dollars per year.

Nevada A.G. Says Three Million Dollar Fraud Against Medicaid and Insurance Companies.

Katschke and Walker Plead Guilty. Fines, plus $1.5 million Restitution EACH plus Prison.

Q: Was Paddock Selling Ketamine?

Q: Was This His Source of Income? Most Agree that Winning Millions at Gambling is Not Possible. Making Millions Selling Drugs is Possible.

Q: Will Law Enforcement Release Paddock’s Bank Records? They Claim He Sent Tens of Thousands of Dollars to Mary Lou Danley When She Was In The Philippines. What Was This Money For? To Pay For Ketamine Shipments? For Services Rendered by Mary Lou? Or….?????

Here’s What Mary Lou Danley Told Her Brother The Medicine Man After Learning About Shooting:

Pic shows: Marilou Danley, girlfriend of the Las Vegas gunman,
Pic supplied by Pixel8000 Ltd

“Relax, we shouldn’t worry about it. I’ll Fix it. Do not Panic.”


Milo Breaks the Barrier at Berkeley With Surprise Attack

Milo Crashes the Berkeley Boycott -Communists and Antifa Go Mad With Baby Chanting

Watch the video:

Watch as morons chant about the KKK.  A sad moment for these folks, who can’t tell the difference between a libertarian like Milo, and the phantom “Klansmen”, who only exist in the dark, scary fantasy of their own minds, certainly not anyone seen around Berkeley.  The other mantra, calling everyone who is not a communist or antifa dressed in a black ninja gangster outfit with their faces covered, a “fascist”, also shows the shallow political knowledge of the protesters.  The libertarians, as represented by Milo in this case, are probably the political faction that is most opposed to “fascism” and it’s philosophy.

The video shows the chanting collectivist goof-balls displaying their pathetic political wares for the world to see.  Milo invited one of them to have a conversation with him, but only chants came forth, like a berserk energizer bunny.

Around the world people love to have a chance to debate political and social issues, at least in countries where they are allowed to have free speech.  In America, sadly, the intellect of the left has plateaued at baby chanting.  And the bastions of free speech, the universities of “higher learning”, cannot make the effort to encourage and protect free speech, the basis for American politics and culture.  Dark days for all loom ahead. Including for the baby chanters.


Free Speech Cancelled in Berkeley, CA

U.C. Berkeley, Home of the Free Speech Movement has Cancelled Free Speech Week

No Free Speech in Berkeley

University Bows To Antifa and Revolutionary Communist Party.

In a recent radio interview, a spokeswoman for the Revolutionary Communist Party explained their position.  They are against Free Speech for “Fascists”.  Who are the “Fascists”?  Basically, almost anyone who is not a communist is a “Fascist”.  Hence, only communists should have Free Speech.  
Embed from Getty Images

In addition, a faculty professor was interviewed on another radio station and said there should be no Free Speech for Milo Yiannopoulos because it creates a “security problem”, and “security” is much more important than the “idea” of Free Speech.  Besides, he lamented, he would have to walk to his class through police lines and show his I.D.  Boo Hoo.  What an inconvenience.  And what is his salary teaching at Berkeley?


The Berkeley Police Hot Dog Vendor Milo Yiannopoulos Riot Revenge

Berkeley Cops Hid Like Cowards From Antifa Thugs But Now They’re Back Kickin’ Butt on Mexican Hot Dog Vendors

Chief Bennett a no-show defending free speech

On February 2nd the headlines screamed that 150 Antifa thugs and 100’s of students had caused over $100,000 damage to the campus to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking.  So where were all the brave Berkeley cops when this was going on?  The Donut Shop?  Starbucks?  The Chief, Margo Bennett was nowhere to be seen defending Milo’s free speech from a gang of rampaging rioters.

Berkeley cop removing money from Hot Dog vendor’s wallet

Fast forward to September, 2017.  Berkeley cops accost a hot dog vendor, a poor slob trying to make a couple bucks.  No permit to sell dogs, so they give him a ticket, AND TAKE ALL THE MONEY OUT OF HIS WALLET! What Proof does the cop have of where the money came from?  None.  But where were these cops when Milo needed help?  Maybe harassing other hot dog vendors.  Hey, it’s safer than confronting real criminals doing over $100,000 damage to the campus.

No Justice for Milo or Hot Dog Vendors in Berkeley.

Click Here To Watch the Video

Where’s The Berkeley Cops in this Video?

Motorcycle Split in Half in Burbank Collision

A Collision Between a VW and a Motorcycle Sends Rider to Hospital

A crazy crash on Thursday, July 13, 2007 at the intersection of San Fernando Blvd. and Alameda resulted in a motorcycle being split in half.  Whose fault and what happened could not be determined at the scene, but photos taken may offer clues.  The bike rider was still alive, carried away by Fire Department rescue.  The intersection is on the border of Burbank and Glendale and is the scene of many crashes, many caused by young males speeding west down Alameda and attempting to run the light at San Fernando.  All photos copyright by Southland News Bureau.

Frank Dorrel, Anti-War Activist

Frank Dorrel, Prominent Peace Activist Profiled in New Video

Frank Dorrel has been an activist for Peace for decades.  He has published books, participated in demonstrations,  put out video documentaries,  given interviews,  and  is  a fixture at the Los Angeles Times annual Book Festival where he chats with thousands of visitors each year.

It seems that Frank is almost a lone voice against war these days.  With the world careening toward new ultra destructive conflicts, he seems to be the last man standing and advocating for Peace.  The anti-War movement seemed to stall when Obama became President, although he launched new wars in Africa, illegally sent drones and troops to interfere with nations around the world, his agents overthrowing the government  of the Ukraine, blasting  Libya out of existence, and arming  the Saudis in their genocidal attack on Yemen.  Things are getting worse under Trump, with the Saudis now not only continuing a massive bombing campaign in Yemen, but now getting  ready to invade Qatar and possibly go to war in Iran.  The U.S. still supports terrorist groups in Syria, shooting down Syrian  government aircraft and bombing Syrian government  positions. North Korea is in the sights of the Pentagon.  Afghanistan continues to be an unending war, with thousands of civilian casualties.

Kudos to Frank Dorrel, standing up to all this madness.

Big Tree Crashes Into Valley Village House

What Happens When You Don’t Keep Up Your Property


Photos by uncle paulie

An uninhabited house on Riverside Drive a block east of Laurel Canyon has taken a big hit as an untrimmed tree split and crashed onto the house. This property was supposedly purchased recently for around $900,000, but has sat empty for almost a year.  Transients were living in it for a time this month, but they were finally evicted.


The tree could not grow to the east because of the apartment building that butts up against it, so it grew to the west until it became so unbalanced that it split and crashed into the house.  It’s always interesting how much money some folks have to buy a house for almost a million dollars and then let it sit empty and rot.  It proves the old adage “Money does not care who it belongs to.”