Pacifica Faction Expels WBAI Board Reps

Power Play at Pacifica Board – Latest News

Reggie Johnson, WBAI Programer for “From The Soundboard” posted some breaking news on his Facebook page of the events going on in New York.  It is becoming clear that the Pacifica Board did not vote to shut down WBAI, that it was done by a faction led by the present Interim Executive Director.  This faction is now trying to have the Board approve their activities retroactively.  The Board, locked 11-11, is being changed by expelling the WBAI Directors, giving the faction a majority to complete the take-over.  Rumors are rife that they plan to sell the WBAI Broadcast License, which would bring in millions of dollars.  This is just a rumor, but something that has been bandied about for some time as the network has faced severe economic stress.  See previous posts that discuss the financial problems with WBAI and it’s Empire State contract for the broadcasting tower.  Thanks to Reggie Johnson for his continuous updates.  Previous videos he posted showed the damage and ransacking of the WBAI facilities, allegedly by the IED and a faction of the Pacifica Board.  New York has lost its Progressive Community Voice.

Below: Reggie’s video inside of WBAI showing the equipment that was allegedly damaged or seized in the Pacifica faction raid.