Will Robots Rule The World?

Are Humanity’s Days Numbered?  Robots and A.I. Get Stronger Each Year

Dateline: Earth  /Overview of Trends by Paul Hunt


An overview of some of the latest videos that feature the growing power of Artificial Intelligence and the 8 Dynamics.  Robot Rule is also linked very heavily to the so-called “Trans-Human” Movement and also goes back in parts to the Technocracy Movement.  In all of these, the main excuse is that humans are incapable of ruling themselves, so something else will have to.


The Technocracy movement gained a lot of ground in the 1930’s.  The German National Socialists in particular took a liking to parts of it, as did a big movement in the U.S.  Today, the European Union is basically a Technocratic State, and outgrowth of the bureaucracy of the former Nazi regime and mixed with ancient occult imagery and legend.  For instance, the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium is constructed to resemble the unfinished Tower of Babel, and the goal of the EU is to re-unite all the languages and culture that God had broken apart.  This emphasis on an anti-Religious foundation is ingrained in the minds of all atheistic technocrats.

EU Strasbourg replica of Tower of Babel
Tower of Babel as depicted by Bruegel

Further Occult reference is the statue of Europa outside the EU Council in Brussels, which refers to the ancient mythology of Europa.

Europa, occult mythology of the EU

The technocratic and trans-human movements combine in the strategy of AI and Robotics, taking advances in technology and adapting them toward the ultimate goal of some form of Robotic control over world-wide human society.

Here are examples of information of Transhumanism, Surveillance, and Technocracy.

 Sophia – Has the “Singularity” already happened?


Artificial Intelligence:  It Will Kill Us.  Jay Tuck, TEDx Hamburg Salon:


Our Post-Human Future.  David Simpson, Tedx, Santo Domingo.


Confessions of a Cyber Spy Hunter.  Eric Winsborrow, Tedx, Vancouver


Ed Snowden Has Three Security Tips For You:


Ed Snowden on How Your Cell Phone Spies on You:


The Next Species of Human.  Ted talk, Juan Enriquez.



Humanism and Transhumanism

There are hundreds of websites and videos that explore these areas.  You can easily research them to be aware of future events.

The Empty Planet – The Shocking Story of Population Decline

Shocking New Study

And finally, the shocking new book that is the result of new demographic studies that show world-wide population declines.  By the end of the century, the earth will be facing huge problems related to aging populations that are not being replaced, with many countries of the world struggling to survive because their societies cannot support their culture, industry, and food production due to population decline.  This will result in a frantic push for robots and AI to replace humans.  It is hard to see  200 years out, but humans may be on the verge of extinction by then.

A note – most of the demographics are very conservative.  If you add to the decline in births per woman the other factors, such as death through wars, disease epidemics, environmental crises that leads to deaths by catastrophe, then the population decline will rapidly accelerate.