Slow Death From Missile Fuel Exposure

Dateline: Glendale, California

Widow Left With 5 Children and No Help From V.A.

A Glendale, California woman whose husband died a horrible slow death from years in the U.S. Army handling fuel for missile systems.  After his death, she was left with five children and no help from the Veterans Administration.  Her husband got sick while still in the Army, but it was not until after he retired that the symptoms got worse, eventually confining him to bed on a resparator.  Many veterans and their families find themselves in this situation, with little or not help from a callous government sending troops around the world to enforce the whims of arrogant politicians and to protect the revenue streams of big oil companies.

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Poisoned Paradise Part 3

Dateline: Marina del Rel

The Gas and Oil Is Under Your Feet

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The unfolding story of the deadly gas underneath Marina del Rey and Playa Vista as our Whistle-Blower, Mr. “X” explains how the War Department initiated storage of massive amounts of natural gas in a huge underground “cavern” during WW2.  They turned it over to the Southern California Gas Company after the war.  The bad news?  The entire area is punctured with hundreds of old oil wells.  The “safe” storage in this geologic formation is leaking, and no one is pressing the Gas Company to find out how much leakage there is, AND where it is going.  Part Three of this horrific story, with much more to come.