KPFK LSB Meetings – Elections Postponed – Financial Woes and More

LSB Meetings Reveal Tough Problems and Possible
Conflicts of Interest at Pacifica

Dateline:  Culver City

Southland News Bureau has taped some of the LSB meetings of late.  Listen carefully and you will see the really tough problems they face to keep the network alive and functioning. Much of this caused by a loss of money from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting when Pacifica failed to produce financial documents.  Additional problems, like the huge debt load, the approximately 2 million due to Democracy Now Program, the possible conflict of interest of past Pacifica director Margy Wilkinson for forming a secret shadow foundation to possibly bid for the KPFA radio license should it become available, cutting the staff pay by 50%, and much, much more.  We will have additional information in the future, meanwhile here are a few links of interest that details important information, opinions, and documents on this subject.

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LSB August 19, 2015 Part 1


KPFK LSB August 19, 2015 Part 2

KPFK LSB May 17, 2015 Part 1

KPFK LSB May 17, 2015 Part 2