Has Metro’s Computer System Crashed?

METRO Reps Taking Information by Hand – Where’s The Computer System?

Where's My TAP Card?
Where’s My TAP Card?

Dateline:  Los Angeles

Several Los Angeles residents have told the same story:  Metro L.A. has no access to certain TAP card information and is telling their customers to “give us your phone number and we’ll call you back when the NEW computer system is up and running.  Does this mean that the old system to keep track of TAP cards has stopped working? Has the information been lost?

As any computer programmer will tell you, a new computer program is rigorously tested, sometimes this  is called a “Beta Test” way before it is put up on a system “live”.  Meanwhile, the “old,” or “current” system is kept in place until the “new” system is tested.  Only then does the “new” system replace the “old” system.

For Metro to trash it’s own computer system way in advance of a “new” system going “live”, indicates that their current system is so flawed that it was taken down.  One question would be “Has the Metro TAP system been a victim of hackers?”  If not, is it a victim of a collapse or corrupted system done by either internal Metro programmers or outsourced to an independent company?   For Metro to lose track of TAP cards and the possible hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) that resides on those cards, is an outrage to the poor and low income people using the system.  Take a look at the massive salaries that the top 100 Metro executives are raking in, and ask if ANYONE is going to get fired for not doing their job, or allowing hackers to break into their system.  Demand an explanation from these millionaire elites who run this system.